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Complex system and future
technologies in neuroscience – CSFTN’24
29-30 June 2024 Teleon Imperial Hotel (link)
Venue: St Peterburg, Russia

Mikhail Poluektov

Mikhail Poluektov

Chair of Neurvous Diseases and Neurosurgery of Sechenov University, (Moscow, Russia)

Objective sleep estimation by polysomnography - from speculations to clinical implication

Abstract: The state of sleep is a difficult subject to study. The fact of observation and the environment by itself lead to a disruption of its natural progression. Some pathological phenomena, such as seizures, do not occur every night, which also limits the implication of the objective sleep data in clinical practice. However, for certain disorders, such as obstructive sleep apnea, REM sleep behavior disorder, bruxism, overnight polysomnography supports the diagnosis with high confidence. This is also true for some phenotypes of insomnia. The report presents examples of identification and confirmation of some pathological conditions in humans, in which the ability to objectively verify different features of sleep plays a key role.

Speaker: Mikhail Poluektov works as an associate professor at the Department of Nervous Diseases at Sechenov University in Moscow. He is also the head of the sleep medicine department at the same institution and the acting president of the Russian Society of Somnologists. In 1993 he graduated from the Medical University by I.M. Sechenov, then specialized in neurology. His PhD, received in 1998, was devoted to studying the effect of autonomic neuropathy on sleep-disordered breathing. As an associate professor, Mikhail Poluektov teaches sleep medicine in neurology and general medicine, organizes conferences on somnology, and publishes regular issues on sleep disorders in «S.S. Korsakov Journal of Neurology and Psychiatry» and «Effective pharmacotherapy». Serves as a reviewer editor in «Frontiers in Psychiatry», «Frontiers in Neurology». Author of more than 250 publications in Russian and foreign journals, 5 monographs in Russian, 3 popular books about sleep.