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Complex system and future
technologies in neuroscience – CSFTN’24
29-30 June 2024 Teleon Imperial Hotel (link)
Venue: St Peterburg, Russia

Sergey V. Diduk

Sergey V. Diduk

LEENERS LLC, (Moscow, Russia)

Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.Modern approaches, challenges and prospects.

Abstract: The creation of highly effective biotech products based ontherapeutic monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases is a major issue of modern biopharmaceutics. The study will present various approaches used in development of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies products and challenges of a mAb-based drug generation. The topic also addresses the problems of genetic stability and clonality of production cell lines, alongside with perspectives of creating new molecules and their application in treating neurodegenerative diseases.

Speaker: Sergey Diduk, CEO of LEENERS LLC, PhD in Oncology of N.N. Blokhin National Medical Research Center of Oncology, Ministry of Health of Russia (2008). From 2012 till 2019 a Director of Biotechnology Department in CJSC BIOCAD, coordinating works on obtaining therapeutic monoclonal antibodies and gene therapy products development. From 2019 till 2022 Head of Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Vice-Principal of Research Pushchino State Institute of Natural Science. Author of over 40 peer-reviewed publications and patents.