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Complex system and future
technologies in neuroscience – CSFTN’24
29-30 June 2024 Teleon Imperial Hotel (link)
Venue: St Peterburg, Russia

Vladimir Dorokhov

Vladimir Dorokhov

Institute of Higher Nervous Activity & Neurophysiology RAS, (Moscow, Russia)

Neurotechnologies for the Nonpharmacological Treatment of Sleep Disorders

Abstract: The mechanisms of homeostatic regulation of sleep is the presentation of stimuli of different modality with a frequency of about 1 Hz, that is, close to the frequency of delta waves, the basic rhythm of slow-wave sleep. Will be considered of nonpharmacological treatment of sleep disorders. Different types of audio effects, temperature treatment, vestibular stimulation, olfactory stimulation, phototherapy, electrocutaneous stimulation, audio-visual stimulation, transcranial electrical and magnetic stimulation, non-contact ultraweak electromagnetic stimulation. Alternative medicine is generally defined as a set of methods for healing, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment based on the experience of many generations of people. We will consider data on the possible use of these approaches for improving sleep quality using the three most widely employed methods as examples: deep breathing, aromatherapy, and reflex therapy (acupressure). Sleep hygiene: include the formation of a regular sleep schedule, careful use of daytime sleep, refusal of physical or mental exercises before bedtime, restriction of stress stimuli, restriction of light effects before bedtime, refusal to use beds for anything other than sleep and sex.

Speaker: Vladimir Dorokhov works as the head of the laboratory of neurobiology of sleep and wakefulness in Institute of Higher Nervous Activity & Neurophysiology RAS, Moscow. He also holds joint appointments at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia and Higher School of Economics. Dorokhov received his first Ph.D. in the Institute of higher nervous activity of the RAS in 1981, his second Dr. of Physiology in the Institute of Higher Nervous Activity of the RAS in 2006. His research contributions are head of the Laboratory of sleep/wake neurobilogy in the Institute of higher nervous activity of the RAS in 2007. Member of dissertation committee of 1) Institute of Higher Nervous Activity & Neurophysiology of the RAS and 2) Cognitive Science of the Higher School of Economics. Currently, the laboratory is engaged in research on neurophysiological correlates of consciousness during the sleep-wake protocol, cardio-respiratory respiration processes during falling asleep and chronotypes. The proposed Abstract will be made according to the article V.B. Dorokhov and A.N. Puchkova. Neuroscience and Behavioral Physiology, 2022. Vol.52, No.7,